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Dakota's Fight

Dakota was diagnosed in July 2020 at the age of 16 years old with osteosarcoma in her right tibia. After months of chemotherapy and an immense amount of research. Dakota made the decision to have her right leg amputated in order to provide the best chance of keeping it from spreading and from having numerous surgeries. In September 2020, she had her leg amputated and began the long road to recovering while also continuing chemotherapy. She was fitted with her prosthetic and constantly amazed her team of physical therapists and doctors with her progress. She continued to reach milestone after milestone either on time or sooner. In March 2021, she completed her chemotherapy and a few weeks later had her scans to see if the treatment worked. They received great news...her scans showed she was cancer FREE. She is now focusing on recovering from the chemo treatments and continuing to make great progress with her physical therapy. She has a long road ahead still.

Dakota has a sister, Jayda, just a few years younger than her. Jayda enjoys crafts, dancing, spending time with her animals at home, kayaking, doing her make-up and nails


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