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Financial Assistance Programs

Open to United States

Must live in the United States

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Children diagnosed with cancer must be

0-18yrs old.

Must be no more than 1 yr post-treatment or 2-3 years post-treatment with significant health issues due to treatment

Must be deemed financially in need by social worker or doctor

About the Financial Assistance Program

Our Financial Assistance Program helps fighting families with bills, day to day living expenses, costs associated with treatment, Financial requests can be submitted for items listed (but not limited to these, if there is a request outside of this list, we will consider on a case to case basis):


Utility Bills

Basic Living Furniture

Phone bills

Household Items such as safety items for kids and other basic needs (mattresses, car seats, high chairs, strollers, wagons, clothing)

Car Payment

Car Insurance Payment


Gas Gift Cards

Grocery Gift Cards

Prepared meals/food during intense treatments or inpatient

Families who are already approved to receive support from the Ishan Gala Foundation, apply for financial assistance here.

Baby's Grasp

All families must complete the initial registration form to be accepted into our programs and receive assistance.

Virginia Families needing assistences

Other families living outside of the state of Virginia

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