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Holiday Cheer Program

Only for Virginia Families at this time

Must live in the State of Virginia, United States

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Children diagnosed with cancer must be

0-18yrs old.

Must be no more than 1 yr post-treatment or 2-3 years post-treatment with significant health issues due to treatment

Must be deemed financially in need by social worker or doctor

About the Holiday Cheer Program

The Holiday Cheer Program helps fighting families during Christmas to provide gifts, wrapping supplies, food, and hosting a Holiday party just for the families. The program removes most of the financial burdens that surround the holidays so families can enjoy the time together and making as many precious memories together as possible. We gather wish lists from each fighter and their siblings under the age of 19 to fulfill those wishes. Whether they have been just diagnosed or in the fight for years, this program allows them to end their year with magic and renewed hope to continue their fight.

Baby's Grasp

All families must complete the initial registration form to be accepted into our programs and receive assistance.

NVirginia Families needing assistance

Other families living outside of the state of Virginia

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